To become the head of the Beastmen Clan, Burotgor had to prove his thirst for blood in the most ferocious ways: He had to raid 4 villages on his own, kill 4 of his brothers in hand-to-hand combat and he had to steal 4 weapons from a foundry. The number 4 is very important for the Beastmen for two reasons: They all have 4 arms and the original Beastmen Clan had 4 members. Now they are over 60, but the rotation of members is very high. Many monsters join each month, but also, many die in fights between members. Burotgor is a proven exception to this rotation. He has been in the clan for 7 years, which is the longest that anyone has ever managed to stay alive in the Beastmen. But Burotgor isn’t only alive, now he’s also ruling the clan!

Burotgor is ferocious in the battlefield. He has very high life and and high speed, as well as a skill set that would scare any rival: Each one of his skills deals damage to a rival, but while he’s killing, he can also heal himself! His Bloodthirsty skill deals damage, drains 10% of his life, and gains one extra turn! If he uses his Bestial Hits skill afterwards, the opponent will have real trouble staying alive. And let’s not forget about his brutal special skill, a move that deals massive damage to all enemies and if they’re not defeated instantly, they’ll be left Bleeding and drowning in Quicksands.