The Fire army used to be an unruly crowd with a constant stream of leaders who would rise to power, only to quickly be overthrown by the mutinous soldiers. But with time, two monsters rose as clear contenders for the role of General of the Fire army. Both Darmith and Lucifire gathered solid groups of followers, but Darmith’s was larger in number, so Lucifire had to step aside. Since she was by no means ready to follow the orders of her top opponent, she decided to retire to hell for some time and consider her options.

Now Lucifire has received some interesting news: Her followers in the Fire army haven’t forgotten her, and a group would still fight behind her if she were to become the General of the Fire army. She has also heard that the Nemesis rebels are coming back and need muscle on their side. Therefore, she has made a decision: It’s time to come back! First, she will make a deal with the rebels: She will fight by their side if they share with her the books they stole from the Library. Then when she’s ready, she will claim control of her army!

Lucifire is a monster with top stats and high damage skills. She can bring hell to her enemies, Burning AND Igniting them in just one hit! At the same time, she knows how to protect her allies, applying Immunity to Burn. Lucifire herself is permanently immune to Burn and Freeze, which is a trait only she has!"