At the midpoint of a war, Pandalf needed help to win, so he cast a powerful spell on a mountain. The earth started trembling and within minutes, the mountain had split in two. The north face of it, cold and snowy, came to life, and Pandalf gave it the name of Ouros. The south side, a fiery volcano, came to life as well, this time in the form of a monster, whose name was Igursus. Not only is this monster resilient, but it is also dangerous. It has been causing destruction wherever it goes from the second it stood up and started walking.

Igursus has the most Life in all of Monster Legends! He also has very high Power and one of the most solid traits in the game: Mountain! He's like an unbreakable wall for his team, because with just one skill, he will receive all single-target attacks and deal the damage back to the enemies! Igursus can also gain Shields to increase his survivability, as well as Burn and applying Quicksand.