Alex Bone played a key role in Gangsterosaurus’ mafia clan, but when the boss started to get greedy about his commissions, Bone decided to go solo. Gangsterosaurus, of course, wasn’t happy about it, so he pulled some strings with the monster police, making things very difficult for Alex and setting him up for lots of problems and arrests. However, the more Alex went to prison, the smarter he became. While there, he made some very interesting connections in the criminal community and learned how to crack the strongest locks. Escaping prison and going back to the robbing business became routine for him.

As you can imagine, Alex Bone is as sneaky in battle as he is in business: He is quick, he is strong, and he is very hard to defeat! He has a very rare skill called Evasion, which allows him to avoid incoming attacks. He also has powerful skills that can hit all enemies at the same time