When Baba Yaga was a little monster, she got lost in the forest. For months, she looked for her mother, but eventually she gave up and embraced the loneliness. Since she had all the time in the world, she built herself a hut and started experimenting with potions and magic. It wasn't long until she learned how hard life in the forest could be and that she needed to become strong. 

She conjured two enormous chicken legs for her hut that allowed her to not only look out over the entire area, but also to move her home to a new place whenever she grew bored and wanted a change. Over the years, Baba Yaga overcame challenges of all types and became known throughout the land for her tremendous powers. Now everyone knows that this witch will always do as she pleases. If she likes you, she will protect you like no one else can, but if she doesn’t, she will get you out of her way with any means necessary.

This personality is reflected in her battle skills: When it comes to her enemies, Baba Yaga will use every trick in her book to stop them: She Blinds them, removes their positive status effects, prevents them from healing, and she can even Possess and give Nightmares to all her enemies in one hit. While Baba Yaga is around, her enemies won’t get anywhere near her allies.