In the middle of the Battle of the First Masters, the confrontation between Water and Fire had reached its spike. General Thetys decided to attack a volcano where lots of baby Vadamagmas lived. Hydratila, who was a Lieutenent in her army, stepped up and told her that she was going too far by attacking babies. General Thetys, who had zero tolerance for rebellion in her ranks, automatically expelled Hydratila from the Water army. Furious and out of his senses, Hydratila, who had spent his entire life fighting, decided to take revenge against his former General and got together with rebels from other elements.

The group of rebels raided the Library as an act of power and was ultimately banished to a dark dimension, but they took Books with them. Hydratila has been studying all about General Thetys for years, and now he knows exactly how to get her: Unifying his Water attributes with a special weapon.

Hydratila's training was focused on defeating Thetys. He studied all her moves and tricks from the Sea Book. His immunity to Freeze makes him less likely to lose turns and his Super Attuned trait makes him gain energy when hit by Water attacks. Perfect against Stamina Devourers.

Hydratila knows the importance of winning with your whole team, so can give stamina regeneration to his teammates and make them immune to Freeze. He also picked some tricks he used when he fought with Thetys, like Freezing the entire enemy team in one attack.

But that is not all. You can choose Hydratila's weapon for battle! The Earth Riftmaker Mace with high Stunning power, the freezer Icebringer or the Boltcaster a deadly weapon for all Water monsters.

Go hide, Generals, the rebels are coming back. They are strong, they know what they want, they are hungry for revenge and they have a new group name: The Nemesis.