Short after his daughter Fampira left his castle and broke his heart, Count Vlad received a visit from Mystery, who, suspiciously, already knew what had happened. She came bearing a gift: a pet that would fill the void left by his daughter. What made this pet special is that it contained some Cells from Fampira that Mystery had taken for her experiments when she was a little girl.
The pet, whose name is Famperium, comforted Count Vlad, but what Mystery hadn’t told him was that Famperium also contained her own Cells. This allows Mystery to see through the creature’s eyes and spy over Count Vlad, who holds secret meetings with Dark leaders in his castle.
Mystery’s plan to become the one and only omniscient monster in the entire multiverse of Monster Legends is progresses at full sail.
Fameprium is a violent beast in battle. It only takes one move for it to deal massive damage and possess its target. It shows no mercy when it attacks all its opponents at the same time and makes them Bleed. But Famperium becomes terrifying when it unleashes its special skill: It loses all negative status effects, heals completely, gains triple damage and… it awards itself with one extra turn!