There was a great war in Monster Legends, a war that defied every monster’s loyalty to Good or Evil. Bo Tai played a key role in the fight for Good. Once the war was over and Good reigned in peace, Bo Tai retired from battling and started a journey of enlightenment
However, something in the air has changed… Bo Tai can see it in the prophecies: The forces of Good need his services again because, if the forces of Evil are becoming stronger than ever, Bo Tai needs to make the forces of Good stronger than ever as well.
And why is Bo Tai so important? His incredibly high life, his impressive speed, and his support skills make him the ultimate protector: He can give immunity to Freeze, Stun, and Possession in one single move, keep his allies from being affected by stats that deal damage over time and recharge their full life and stamina.
His Special Skill is overwhelming: It recovers his allies’ full life and stamina, as well as removing all their negative status effects.
Time to go home Bo Tai. The forces of Good need you. Evil is around the corner!