In one of his many treasure hunts, Captain Edwin “Fearless” Bane fell into a booby trap. The fall destroyed the Captain’s entire body but, luckily enough, someone appeared magically right where he had had the accident. It was Lumoona.
Lumoona was communicating with Mystery through astral planes when she had the vision of Captain Edwin Bane falling into the booby trap. In that moment, she knew it was in her fate to assist him.
Lumoona cast a spell that rescued the Captain’s soul from his body and afterwards, she was able to place the soul inside a patchwork metal shell. This way, he was able to keep his charisma, but he became physically impenetrable! From that day on, he resumed his adventures and gave himself a new name: Captain Copperbeard.
In battle, Captain Copperbeard likes to encourage his crew, cleaning their bad effects, removing their cooldowns and increasing their damage. Starky, his loyal parrot, has learnt some tricks too: he can make enemies burn. But the Captain is especially dangerous when he fires his spaceship's artillery, stunning his enemies.