The Cells Donations  allow to exchange Cells between members of the same Team.
It is possible to donate or receive Cells and here is how you do it:

- Requester

The members can request Cells via the Team Chat for any type of Monster Cell they already own in their vault. 

Some restrictions are applied based on the player level.

Remember that there will be a waiting time until you can request again.

- Donor

Players with enough Cells, of the type requested, will be able to send some of their own to the ally who initiated the Request.

The amount of Cells that you can give daily is based on your XP level and Cell rarity.

Every time you tap “DONATE”, 1 Cell is removed from your vault and sent to your ally.

Each donation will grant you rewards. (XP points, Gold and War Coins for Legendary Cells!)

- Restrictions

The Donation is only accessible to the members that have already repaired the Monster Lab

The members that just joined the Team must wait some hours before they can request Cells.