In case the App is not loading, please follow these steps:
1. Ensure your Device has a stable WiFi connection. Connections like 3G/4G are not recommended.
2. Verify if you have the latest version of the game.

Failing these, please try the following steps:

The following steps can only be done if you play your game connected to your Facebook account!
If you don't, please do not follow this guide.

1. Delete the Facebook App from your device.
2. Delete the game from your device.
3. Tap Web from your home screen and go to to make sure you are not signed in through this way.
4. Now click on "Apps", then "Store" and download the game.
5. Download Facebook Application again.
6. Once both are downloaded, open your game and finish the tutorial.
7. Click on Login with Facebook when requested and accept all terms and conditions if they apply.
8. Then choose your high level account from Facebook and continue.