Challenge Points
As there is no gain without pain, in both Passes you will have to earn points by completing special challenges. To keep things interesting, there will be new challenges every week.

These challenge points will unlock new perks together with a number of rewards.

NOTE: This means that perks and rewards can be unlocked only during certain weeks in a season.

Rewards & Perks
Unlock the Golden Legends Pass to receive tons of rewards along with some very useful perks, such as:

  • Animated Avatar with a frame
  • Relics
  • Cells (Elemental & Elementium)
  • Nemesis & Elite Souls
  • Hatchery Speed up
  • Cell Extraction Speed up
  • Building Speed up
  • Cells donation boost
Also, for the first time in Monster Legends, the final exclusive reward will be a Monster Skin. Yes, monster customization has finally arrived in Monster Legends!

In Season 1, you’ll be able to get Warmaster Elvira’s new look, available only on this season!

What is the Legends Pass?
The Legends Pass is a new Monster Legends system that will allow you to obtain rewards and perks by completing challenges.

How long does it last?
The Legends Pass lasts 28d since the season starts.

How often does it repeat?
It will re-start monthly and always begin on the 1st day of the month.

How do I get the extra special rewards?
To get the premium rewards, the Golden Legends Pass needs to be purchased.

How do I skip a node?
In order to skip a node, you must have the Golden Legends Pass, which will allow you to purchase progress.

How long do the perks last?
The perks will take effect from the moment they are activated until the pass expires.

How do challenges work?
There are daily challenges that are easy to complete and will refresh every 24h, and weekly challenges, which will unlock every 7d and will last until the end of the Pass. Weekly challenges will be harder to complete.

How can I claim my rewards?
Claim a reward in the progress screen by tapping on “claim”, you can also get information on the reward or perk by tapping on the "i" button by the reward.

Does my Golden Legends Pass get passed onto the next month?
It is your decision whether to purchase the Golden Legends Pass every month, free rewards will still be awarded to you based only on your progress and regardless of purchases, but if you want to have the premium rewards or be able to skip nodes you must obtain the Golden Legends Pass.