Tournament battles rely more on your skills as a strategist, as you will have a few more rules to count with when you set up your team.
  • Skill warm-ups
    In order to make real-time battling fairer, some powerful skills require a certain amount of turns before you can use them (Warmup). You can check the Warmups of your monsters in the Live Skillset.
  • Limits
    In order to leave more room for skill and strategy, your monsters, runes, and relic levels are limited within the Tournament Battles.
    Monster level will be limited to 100, Runes to Level V, and Relics to level 20. Levels that are above the limits will be reduced adjusted during the Tournament Battle, but if the levels are below the limit, they are not changed.
  • Special Skills Warm-up
    To make the combat less influenced by random factors, Special Skills won’t have a chance of appearing before the third turn.

    Standard with limits battles have limits but no warm-ups.

    Standard battles are "old school" battles without any rules (warm-ups or limits).