We want Grandmaster Duels to be fun for everyone, so all Monster Masters will have the opportunity to participate.
  • When: From Friday to Monday (weekends) (12pm CET)
  • What do we need to participate? 1 Grandmaster Duel Tickets or 30 Gems.
  • Play with your own monsters, but they have to be Metropolitan ones!
  • In addition to the regular Grandmaster Duels we will also be having a Grandmaster Duels Timed Challenge with milestone rewards AND ranking rewards.
  • There will be 6 battles per Duel – but if you lose two, you’re out!
  • Maximum monster level: 130.
  • Maximum rune level: 7. You can change their runes and use relics (at max level 25), as well as talents in your Metropolitan monsters.
  • What can I win? Rewards for Grandmaster Duels now include Vault Keys and Relic Chests. In the Timed Challenge you’ll also be able to get Nebula and Obsidian Relics.

Maximum amount of Tickets that can be stored from each category:
  • Classic Duels: 8 Tickets
  • Grand Duels: 60 Tickets
  • Grandmaster Duels: No limit

    Also remember that there are active offers every day of the week (Monday to Friday for Grand Duels and Friday to Sunday for Grandmaster Duels).