After the Fugitive enters the map, he could hide under any tile! Once a player finds the Fugitive, all players can attack to earn rewards.

The Fugitive will stay only for a limited period. It must be found and defeated within this time period. If the fugitive is defeated, players will be granted completion rewards according to their participation in the current Map. Otherwise, there won’t be completion rewards. Each action will also grant Bounty Hunt Points, which serve to value each player’s participation. Players appear in the leaderboard in order of Bounty Hunt Points achieved. The higher a player appears, the more rewards they will get if the Fugitive is defeated. Points are reset after each hunt.

Fugitive battles will be automatic and last 3 rounds (displayed below the turns indicator). The Fugitive will attack at the end of each round and the battle will finish either if the Fugitive is defeated, your team is defeated or the rounds are all completed.

You will receive a popup with your battle results after the battle. If you manage to be the player defeating the Fugitive you will get a bonus reward.

Rewards can be Gold, Food, Runes, Relics, Monster Cells, or a special reward known as Bounty Coins. These can be used in the Bounty Shop to acquire many offers and rewards. The Bounty Shop will be open for a while after the event is over, but make sure to spend all your Bounty Coins because they will disappear when the event ends.