Greetings, Monster Masters!

Have you ever got frustrated when you were missing cells or Elementium to rank up your monsters? Are you always on the lookout for the Elementium?
Dr. Viktor got you covered. He took his time but finally came up with a new idea, Elemental cells!

What are Elemental Cells?
Each element in the game has its own Elemental Cell. There are 9 of them:
Fire Cells
Nature Cells
Magic Cells
Metal Cells
Light Cells
Dark Cells
Earth Cells
Thunder Cells
Water Cells
Elemental Cells can be used to rank up or craft monsters of the same element in the Laboratory.

Can I extract Elemental Cells from monsters other than Legendary Monsters?
No, Elemental Cells can only be extracted from Legendary Monsters.

How do I get Elemental Cells?
"Elemental Cells can be extracted from your Legendary Monsters.
When extracting cells from a monster, you can chose to extract either Monster Cells OR Elemental Cells. You cannot extract both.
Elemental Cells are also available in some chests and as rewards in various events in the game.
How can I rank up or craft Monsters with the elemental cells?
Once you collect enough Monster Cells from a specific Monster, you can use the Crafting Pods from the Lab to start the creation of the Egg.
If you don’t have enough Cells you can use Elementium or Elemental Cells to fill the gap!
But be aware that if you don't own the Monster that you want to craft, you must have at least 80 normal Cells to use the Elementium and the Elemental Cells.
To craft a Water Element Monster, you can use both Monster Cells and Water Cells.
If you already own the Monster and you want to craft a second one you can use any amount of Elementium or Elemental Cells.
IMPORTANT: You must choose ONLY Elementium or ONLY Elemental cells, it is not possible to mix those two together to fill the missing gap.
Ranking Up:
To rank up a Monster using Elemental Cells, you will ALSO need a minimum amount of Monster Cells. Then you can use Elemental Cells to fill in the missing gap. Note that this applies from Rank 1 to Rank 5.
To rank up an Earth Monster from Rank 2 to Rank 3, you will need to have a minimum amount of Monster Cells, then you can fill the missing gap with Earth Cells (using Fire cells or any other Elemental Cells will not work)."

Can I donate Elemental Cells?
Because they are very precious, Elemental Cells cannot be requested or donated (like Elementium).

Where are my Elemental Cells?
You can find them in the Laboratory Vault. You can apply an element filter but not a rarity filter.

What are Elemental cells dungeons?
You should already have elemental cells on your islands. In order for you to know what to do with them, we’ve prepared a short FAQ that will explain the new type of cells.

To help you quickly rank up your Monsters, you’ll be able to enter NEW Elemental cells dungeons where you can get cells of certain elements on a weekly basis, as these dungeons will be regular.

Check out their schedule below:
Starts: 1 pm (UTC +1) from Monday to Friday
Duration: 1 day

Thunder / Water
Metal / Dark
Fire / Nature
Magic / Light