What is a "Survey"?

Reward Surveys enable you to earn rewards or virtual currency by completing surveys. Surveys are created by researchers who need to answer questions from target audiences. Topics range from ridesharing and streaming services to soft drinks and insurance.

  • Complete your profile (only needed the first time)
  • Browse the selection of surveys
  • Tap a survey based on the expected reward
  • Once the survey is completed, you will receive your reward

How can I be eligible and what are the conditions to succeed?
It is essential that you honestly complete your profile in order to fill in the survey. Make sure to give accurate information regarding age and birth date, marital status, location, education, average salary, etc.

Once you have set up your profile, you can select a survey. Remember:
  • Surveys can only be completed once
  • You need to answer every single question of the survey with honesty