A Campaign or Season in Team Wars lasts for 2 months (60 days). At the end of each Season, players get rewards based on their Team’s League and the trophies are adjusted for all  teams having more than 5500 trophies.

At the end of each Season, Teams that have more than 5500 Trophies will have their Trophies reset. More details are available here.

Players must reach certain goals to receive the Season rewards. During each Season, players must participate (i.e. perform at least one attack) in at least 10 Wars with the Team that they end the Season with. If players leave a team, the counter will be reset and they need to participate in 10 more Wars with their new team.

At the end of every Season, there is a 3 day “Off-Season” period to let all the Wars that started in the previous Season finish, to ensure the final score of the Season is correctly calculated. While teams won’t earn Trophies when playing Team Wars during the Off-Season, they will still earn War Coins and War Medals.

Players that are on Observer Mode due to changing teams will not be able to be placed in a War until their cool down period ends. More details are available here.