We know this is one of the most beloved and played features in Monster Legends and we are aware of how important it is to our community.

Below, you will find a brief summary of the new features.

Similar to Multiplayer (PvP), we introduced Leagues in Team Wars.

This means that there is a ranking progression from Bronze to Legendary that is defined by how many Trophies your team obtains in Wars.

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Trophies are a performance indicator that replaces the Team Score.

As a first measure, when we introduce the new changes, we will convert the current ranking positions to Trophies. This means that the global ranking positions will remain the same, but with a different type of score.

If you play in the Multiplayer Mode, you are already familiar with the Trophy system. In the case of Team Wars, each battle will grant or remove a certain amount of Trophies depending on if your team wins or loses the war.

The amount of Trophies that you win or lose after each War also depends on the difference between your team’s and your opponent’s current Trophies.
Winning against stronger teams will give you more Trophies than winning against weaker teams. Similarly, losing against weaker teams will take away more Trophies than losing against stronger teams.

After each War, the amount of Trophies will be updated instantly affecting the global score and possibly pushing you up or down in the Leagues Ranking.

Values in the image are not final

Trophies in Legendary Leagues
Teams that are strong enough to place in higher ranks will get Trophy bonus, to avoid 2-month-long climbing to the top and fighting weaker teams.
  • Teams with low trophies but high combat power will earn bonus Trophies in their first battles.
  • Bonus Trophies will make these Teams climb up the rankings very fast, but they will slow down as they improve their position.
There is also reduced variability of earned/lost trophies to avoid Teams falling behind in the ranking due to easy victories. The difference between the Trophies of two Teams in a war will have a lower impact on the Trophies they earn. To give you an idea, a difference of 500 Trophies will imply a difference of 10 Trophies from the original 150 trophies earned/lost in a war.


Until now, the matchmaking was based on an invisible value that took into account the power of each team’s monsters, adjusted for the current restrictions.

This was confusing, due to the fact that players didn’t have access to this value and assumed that Monster Power was the main matchmaking parameter.

It’s also worth noting that the current Monster Power is not an accurate indicator of a team’s actual power and we will address this issue very soon.

After the release of Trophies, the matchmaking for Team Wars will be based only on each team’s amount of Trophies. Over time, Trophies will become an accurate representation of each team’s performance in Wars and, therefore, they will provide a better-quality matchmaking for Wars.
Matchmaking in Legendary Leagues
Legendary Leagues have a fixed matchmaking. This means that matchmaking will happen at certain times and all teams will be matched simultaneously, without any Leads or Co-Leads having to request a matchmaking. The system will assume that your Team wants to go into war unless it opts out. Breaks between wars will last 8 hours.

So it goes like this: 2-day war - 8-hour break - 2-day war, and so on.

Matchmaking OPT OUT for Legendary Leagues 
During this new 8-hour break, Team Leads and co-leads have the chance to opt out of the matchmaking, thus skipping the war. The whole team has to wait for another matchmaking to start automatically (56 hours later).There is no penalty for opting out. Your Team just won’t get rewards, which is the usual for not going to war. Your team can also opt out as many times as you want, there is no limit.

Matchmaking criteria for Legendary Leagues

Rival repetition
You won’t be matched against the same team in 8 consecutive wars or more. This means that your team will match only with teams that are 10 ranks above or below and you will face the same team maximum 3 times in a season.

Team size
At least 25 team members are needed to compete. If you have less than that you won’t be included in the next matchmaking and your Team won’t go to war. It will count as the same as opting out.


War Medals
A new currency called War Medals will be introduced in parallel to War Coins.

War Medals will be given to all members of a team after each war, with the winning team getting a bigger amount than the losing one.
NOTE: War Medals will only be obtained if the team reaches a minimum of War Coins during the War.

The higher your team is in the Leagues Ranking, the more War Medals it will obtain after each War, so it’s important to climb the Leagues and to stay at the top for as long as possible in order to obtain a larger amount of War Medals to spend on the new Team Shop.

Together with Team Wars, the Team Battlegrounds will be the other event where you and your team will be able to obtain War Medals!


New Team Shop
The Team Shop will be very similar to the old one but it will also have a new section where you can spend your War Medals to obtain exclusive content.

But don’t worry! All the old content will remain in the shop and you will still be able to get it with your War Coins.

In this new section, some of the content will be locked to a particular League. In order to be able to purchase it, your team has to be at the requested League or above.

Some examples of exclusive content you might find in the new section are new powerful Relics and monsters that are ONLY obtainable in this shop!

You might also notice that some content will require War Medals AND War Coins in order to be purchased.


Old Shop Changes (Cells and Runes) 
The old shop will receive a change in the form you can purchase some of its content.
Now you will be able to purchase Generals and the other monsters offered only by Cells.
The prices are revisited, so now for the same price you used to buy the egg, you will be able to buy 100 Cells (enough to craft an egg). This will give you a big advantage if you want to Rank Up your Generals because you will avoid the hatching and feeding process!

The Runes will be placed in Chests Packs instead of having them individually. The chests are divided based on the categories(Speed, Stamina, Strength and Gold) and will grant you an individual or team Rune of minimum level 7 up to level 10! 


Restrictions by League
Together with all the new points above, an important mechanic will be introduced in the future Wars: different restrictions for each League.

The War’s Rules will be directly tied to the League your team belongs to. This means that different Leagues will have different types of restrictions, so we won’t have just one type of restriction for all teams anymore!

Each League will have its own set of rules for restrictions. For example, teams in the top leagues will need to make use of ranked-up monsters in order to fight their Wars, while lower leagues will only require elements and books.