We noticed there is some confusion regarding the timer discount, especially for breeding and hatching:

- Discount not working at the beginning of the event
- Sudden increase of time after the event ended


Be careful when you put the eggs in the Hatchery. If the discount is not active while you place the egg, there is not going to be any discount applied!

So check if you see the NEWS about the discounts and if you want to be absolutely sure, restart the game and then place your Eggs! 


If you are hatching a Monster and the event discount ends during the hatching, it's normal that the timer has a sudden increase.

This can happen during time reduction event for hatching but also for any other type like breeding, crafting etc... 

An example of hatching time discount:
  • The monster usually takes 16 hours to hatch.
  • Hatching time is reduced by 50% in the game, so the player puts the egg in the Hatchery. 
  • The monster now takes 8 hours to hatch, but the time reduction event expires in 3 hours!
  • When the time reduction event ends, the hatching time is at 5 hours. Because the event is over and the hatching time reduction is no longer active, the time changes to 10 hours. 
  • Visually you saw an increase, but the time was actually reduced properly. Without any reduction, the hatching time would have been 13 hours after the 3 hours had passed.

Hope this clarifies some of the doubts!