The Multiplayer Mode is divided into seasons, and each season runs for a limited time.

During each season, your goal is to climb the league while fighting and winning as many battles as possible. The victories will grant you Trophies that allow you to be promoted to better Leagues.

Reaching a certain amount of Trophies will increase your rank and promote you to the next League for the season.

The higher the League, the better the rewards you get!
You will receive your rewards at the end of each season.

Beginner, Bronze I, II, III, Silver I,II,III, Gold I,II,III, Legendary

Legendary League
To enter top leagues, you need to meet both Trophy and global rank requirements.
Players in Legendary leagues will start each season with the same amount of Trophies, i.e. progress will be reset to the league entry threshold.

Promotion/Demotion from the Leagues
You can be automatically promoted or demoted from your current league during the season based on your Trophies.
Each league requires you to have a certain amount of Trophies. Therefore, when you reach a certain amount of Trophies, you will be promoted to a higher league, and when you lose a certain amount of Trophies, you will be demoted to a lower league.