While playing Word Life, you may use the following:
  • Nouns, including singular and plural forms.
  • Verbs, including most conjugations and tenses.
  • Articles, pronouns, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections and adjectives.
  • Foreign words are accepted if they have become part of standard English vocabulary, such as 'Manga'.

    We do not allow:

  • Proper nouns or names are not accepted, with some exceptions (e.g months, continents, planets, chemical elements).
  • Acronyms or abbreviations, such as 'etc', are in general not accepted unless they have become common words in their own right, e.g 'UFO'.
  • Rude or swear words (although they should not break your winning streak)

The same general rules apply to Bonus Words, but please note that Bonus Words are not included in Multiplayer and Daily Puzzle modes. In those modes it is just about finding the words in the actual grid.

We are constantly working to improve our Bonus Word dictionaries, so there may be some exceptions to the above rules, such as missing words, or invalid words being counted as bonus words, that we are working hard to fix!

If you do find a word which is missing or invalid, please tell us by tapping on the 'Support' once you are on the Settings Screen (gear icon at the top left of the screen). Don’t forget to include the word and the level you found it on.