All Social Point games are free to download but we do give optional “in-app purchases” for players to take advantage of. Players do not need to purchase anything to play the game, but they can help you to get more out of the game. In-app purchases are paid for with real money. To avoid accidental in-app purchases you can adjust your device settings.
For iOS devices, please consult this Apple Support page:
For Android devices:
1. Open the Play Store app.
2. Tap the Menu icon and select Settings.
3. Tap Require authentication for purchases.
4. Select one of the authentication options.
- For all purchases through Google Play on this device. Authentication will be required for all Google Play purchases.
- Every 30 minutes. The system will request the password for Google Play purchases every 30 minutes. Once you enter a password all purchases made in the following 30 minutes will not need a password.