Hey, Tasty Towners!

There’s a brand new update of the game with some really exciting changes in store for you.

New Restaurant Rank

We have completely overhauled the Rank system. Now your progression through the game starts with a Cafe and you’ll then progress through the new Ranks, mentored by our best Chefs to build your dream Luxury Restaurant. Complete the required tasks to rank up, and as you progress through the Ranks, you’ll discover new Chefs and their dishes, unlocking new ingredients and farm animals along the way.

New Chefs
Time to welcome some new members to your Tasty kitchen who now unlock with your restaurant Rank.
With new Chefs come new orders. Now your guests will want yummy Chef dishes and no longer crave mere ingredients.
We have reorganized when Chefs and their dishes unlock with the new Rank levels. Don’t worry - if you’ve already hired a certain Chef, you’ll keep them - even if you’re not yet at the required Rank.

There are changes to the times it takes to harvest many of the ingredients due to the new order in which the Chefs unlock. Some will now be shorter and others longer. However, one thing’s for sure - we’ve shortened the times it takes your Chefs’ to make dishes. This means it’s now even faster to serve those hungry guests. You’ll still need to level up your Chefs to speed up cooking times and unlock new dishes, available within each Rank.

Want the busiest and best place in Town? Now each time you unlock a Chef, you’ll also gain access to another table.

As the time it takes to serve your guests has now become super fast, we have rebalanced the required Energy needed to play Tasty Dash. Serve 5 tables and test your skills in one of the many Tasty Dash kitchens!