The Ice-Cream Truck is available to play three times in one hour per day for free.

Stack as many ice cream scoops, cookies, brownies, and bananas as you can in the ice-cream cone or cup to create a tower as high as you can and the higher you go the more milestones and rewards you will collect.

The more scoops you can place in your cone or cup will give you a place on the weekly leaderboard and depending on your weekly finishing position you will be rewarded with a Gift Box and Trophy for the top 3 players.

Purchasing a wider cup will make your stack higher and more stable and once you purchase it it's yours forever.

Purchase Freeze Boosters that will instantly freeze all the items in your stack that are in contact with the cup or cone and stop your tower from falling over which will allow you to continue to stack more scoops and go even higher! You can only use one Freeze Booster per game so make sure you use it wisely.

You can also unlock a third slot that will give you more variety of scoops, cookies, brownies, and bananas to choose from.