Chillout Events is the cool hangout where you can complete timed events and collect Gold, XP, Chillout Points and Upgrade items.
The more orders you complete for each event the greater your rewards will be.
You will earn Gold and XP as you fill the required orders for your event.
You can complete your event at any time but you will only receive rewards for the completed order rows.
Once you have completed all the orders in each of the rows hit Complete Now!
There is also a time bonus for finishing your event early and you will receive extra XP and Chillout Points! Chillout Points will rank you on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is a player's global ranking depending on the number of Chillout points they have collected completing Chillout Events.
  • Important: You must tap on the Complete Now! button before the event time runs out to receive rewards. If you fail to do so and the event ends you will lose your rewards even if the orders were complete.
Once you have completed a Chillout Event you will have to wait a little time before the next event starts.