To expand and redesign your restaurant you will need to obtain indoor floor expansion areas and build them, continuing to expand the surrounding terrain to grow your restaurant.
Once you are ready to expand your restaurant you will need to purchase and build the new floor :
  • Collect Indoor expansion items by sending out your Delivery Truck.
  • Tap on the Expand icon.
  • There are 4 different expansion symbols that you can tap on.
  • A green tick symbol  means you have all the required expansion items to purchase a new indoor expansion area and build it.
  • A green plus symbol means you still require expansion items but you can purchase these with Gems to expand your Restaurant when you want.
  • A  blue tractor symbol is a floor area that can be converted back to an unused restaurant area but you need to make sure that there are no chefs, tables, or decorations etc. in these areas first.
  • The floor tile symbol means that you have this expansion area in your storage. This is also indicated at the bottom of the screen. Eg. 4/5 Floors placed.