The Social Market Building is a place where you can buy and sell products with other players from around the world.

To purchase products:
  • Tap on the Social Market and it will open to the World tab where you can scroll through products available to buy.
  • Tapping on an item you would like to buy will take you to that player's market where you can purchase the item or any other item that takes your fancy.
  • Once you have made your purchase you can tap on the “World” tab to go back to the main market and continue shopping.
  • Tapping outside the Market pop-up will leave you in the other players Town where you can take a look around.
  • Tap on the “Home” icon and you will return you to your Town.
To sell products:
  • Open the Social Market and select the “Sale” tab.
  • Select one of the “New Sale” slots and you can select products or dishes to sell.
  • Once you have selected an item to sell you can adjust the number you want to sell and also the price, higher or lower.
  • Tap “Sell” and the item will now appear for sale in the Social Market.
  • When an item has sold in your market a gold Coin will appear over the Social Market building.