As a member of a Chefs Club, you will be able to request products and donate products to other members. Open the Chefs Club chat by tapping the Chat icon on the screen to send and receive items.

To request a product:
Tap on “Request  Products” at the bottom of the chat window. You can then select from the tabs if you require a Chef’s dish or farm produce item. The requested amount for each product is selected automatically depending on the product. Simpler products will be requested in bigger amounts. There is a cool down period after each request before you can send another.

To donate a product:
A notification will appear on the chat icon when a player has sent a request. In the chat window, the player’s request will appear. The number of items requested you have will also be displayed so you can decide how many items you will donate. Tap on the product icon to donate the item. You will then see the progress bar increase with each donation. You will also receive Gold and XP for each donation you make.