To join an existing Chef Club:
  • Tap on the Chef Club Building.
  • You can choose an Chef Club from the suggested  list under the Search tab, once you have found one tap on it and then select “Join”
  • Search for a Chef Club by entering the name of a Chef Club and tap “Search”
  • If the Chef Club is “Private” then you can  request to join the Chef Club and you will need to wait to see if your request has been approved or not.
  • If the Chef Club is “Closed” you can only be invited to join this type of Chef Club.
To create a new Chef Club:
  • Tap on the Chef Club building and select the “Create” tab.
  • Type the name for your Chef Club. Please choose your Chef Club name carefully as you will not be able to change the name once you have created it.
  • You can add a description for you Chef Club or leave this blank.
  • Choose a badge for your Chef Club.
  • Select the Chef Club type.

    - “Open” anyone can join your Chef Club and they do not need permission.
    - “Private” players will need to request to join your Chef Club or they can be invited.
    - “Closed” only players you invite can join your Chef Club.
  • Set a minimum level to join your Chef Club.
  • Select the preferred language of your Chef Club. This does not mean people who have their game selected to another language cannot join your Chef Club.
  • Select your Chef Club rules so other players know what type of Chef Club they may join. Competitive or For Fun.
  • Once you have completed all these steps tap on the green button to create your Chef Club.