Making sure the game remains fun and fair for everyone is our top priority. Therefore any cheating, fraudulent behavior or suspicious activity will be subject to banning.
To help us keep the game great for everyone, please stay away from the following behaviors and become a Tasty Town detective and report any cheating you may notice. 

1. Game Resources Abuse Certain websites and individuals may sell in-game currency for real-world money. You will be asked for your private personal information and they may access your personal accounts. The people behind these websites use stolen credit cards and/or commit payment fraud and the consequences of their activities may affect you. Excessive earning of game resources or fraudulent behavior in purchasing will be tracked and subject to banning. 

2. Game Hacking In game hacking, third-party software is used to manipulate gameplay. This manipulation alters the game’s functionalities and provides unfair advantages. Your account’s privacy is at risk whenever you use third-party software. As our games have a strong social dimension, unfair game play would decrease the overall fun and challenge. Game hacks will be tracked and subject to banning. 

3. Offensive Behavior Make sure you act responsibly towards other players in the game and in the community. Communication in the Chef Club Chat should remain polite at all times. Your restaurant, username and the name of a Chef Club should not be offensive. 

Please report any abuse to help us improve the game environment. 
Fraudulent behavior, cheating, and any related actions are strictly prohibited. Participating in any of the above practices will lead to penalties such as revoked currency or a ban from all social features of the game. Always play fair.